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At "La Maison Medicale", four vascular physicians who have been practising for a some years in Southern England. They are experts in :
- Diagnosis of venous insufficiency with Duplex-Scan
- Sclerotherapy: we offer a wide range of treatments, including the highly acclaimed non-surgical "liquid and foam sclerotherapy". For accuracy, we carry out the treatment using an ultrasound scan which provides the doctor with a precise view of troublesome veins making the treatment as effective as possible.
- Endo Vascular Technique is suitable for the larger veins and can be performed under local anaesthetic.
- Cosmetic treatment of thread veins (spider-veins) with micro-injections or electrolysis
- Compression therapy with bandages or support stockings to reduce oedema and provide good relief for veins. This may lead to prevention of incompetence valve and avoid phlebitis.
- Diagnosis, medical treatment and follow-up for some arterial diseases (atheroma, thrombosis, aneurysm...)

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