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Back pain treatment
(Radial wave treatment of acute or chronic pain along the spine)

The demands of modern life make the spine the most vulnerable part of the skeleton and the site of common pain and trauma.

Diffuse or localized "back pain" can be disabling. It blocks the movement of vertebrae, and may occur after a sporting effort, a car ride, a repetitive gesture that is poorly adapted, or a prolonged bad position (sometimes at night). Most often, it is located in the lower part of the spine. In the kidney region, we talk about lumbago, more commonly called lower back pain. In the neck, it is often a torticollis, or stiff neck. Muscle contracture can trigger painful points which often become recurrent.

Shock wave therapy provides an effective, non-invasive, scientifically recognized treatment:

  • radial waves cause the release of mediators of pain and lead to analgesia and dilation of the blood vessels, thus promoting healing;
  • the blood supply is stimulated, thus increasing the efficiency of the repair process;
  • inhibition of inflammatory mediators produces anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory effects;
  • cellular defenses are activated;
  • sensory nerves are stimulated, thus improving the natural, chemical, analgesic effect.

Shock waves are generated pneumatically via a fork-shaped probe (Spine Actors) applied along the spine. They spread radially through the tissues to treat the pathological area and ensure excellent results on pain and freedom of movement, at night, at rest or when moving.

Used in sports medicine, this state-of-the-art therapy is an excellent complement to osteopathic treatments whose holistic, therapeutic approach helps restore the equilibrium of body structures, treat the mechanical consequences of trauma, and also treat chronic muscular tensions.

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