Test your antibodies level
Results in  less than 24h! Covid

Get yourself or your family tested in 10 minutes at our clinic in South Kensington (appointments only)

Results can prove immunisation or immune response to prior infection.

Measures given in U/mL, up to 2500 U/mL.

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In Case of Emergency, Call 999

international doctors

Welcome, Bienvenue,  Willkommen, Benvenuto, Benvenido !

At La Maison Médicale, we know that explaining your health problems in a language that is not your first language can sometimes be tricky and prevent some patients from getting the help they need to get better.

For 11 years we have been providing private health services in 6 different languages, helping people all over the world.


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Osteopathy Treatments

With Celine Wolff & Corinne Fédevieille

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dermatology exam


Check up your moles, realise & analyse biopsies, clean your skin or have a small surgery performed in our Clinic

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Check your Microbiome !

Despite being one of the most widely researched parts of our body, there are relatively few specialised analysis and treatment services to help patients improve the health of their gut microbiome. La Maison Medicale has become a pioneer in this exciting field of medicine, offering highly effective diagnosis and treatment programmes specifically tailored towards each individual patient. 

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Duplex Scans, Echo Doppler, Sclerotherapy, stockings

Our Phlebologists will be able to diagnose and treat your veins to help with your symptoms.

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