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Who we are

La Maison Médicale is an International Clinic created by a group of french doctors in 2010 with one thing in mind: Getting the best care to patients in their language.
With more than 15000 patients to date, our Clinic has been proudly providing Medical & Paramedical services to people in English, French,  German, Italian & Spanish because we know that it is always easier to explain your symptoms or problems in your mother-tongue.

Kensington International Clinic is a branch that we added in 2022 to offer new services such as endoscopic procedures like colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, gastroscopy & more.

Private or the NHS, what is the difference?

The NHS is free, however it follows strict processes and sometimes getting through to an appointment can be a lengthy task, as well as doing some exams which can have a very long waiting time in the public system. 

Private clinics like ours have the advantage of fast availabilities to get you back on your feet quicker and investigate your health issues before complications might appear.

Laboratory Tests & Prescriptions

To do laboratory tests, you will need a prescription from a Doctor registered with the General Medical Council. If you do not have one you will need to book a consultation with one of our GP or Specialist. If you have a prescription from another country, please call reception to arrange a transcription from one of our doctors.

Insurances we work with:

-BUPA Global
-Malakoff Humanis
-MSH International

It is best to check with your Insurance Provider if your policy allows you to see a practitioner or if you need a pre-authorisation number.

If your insurance doesn't settle the full amount, you will be liable for the remaining on your account.


GP Consultations

You feel unwell and would like a medical opinion, you have some tests or vaccinations you have postponed for too long?
You need someone to refer you to the right specialist and to follow-up on it?
Our GPs are here to help

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Check your Microbiome !

Despite being one of the most widely researched parts of our body, there are relatively few specialised analysis and treatment services to help patients improve the health of their gut microbiome. La Maison Medicale has become a pioneer in this exciting field of medicine, offering highly effective diagnosis and treatment programmes specifically tailored towards each individual patient. 

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