Morgane Le Cleuyou

Morgane Le Cleuyou


Therapist in Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) and neurolinguistic programming, I support French-speaking children, adolescents and women in London and around the world in solving various problems, towards overcoming their blockages and reaching their goals of life.

Support for children:
- work on academic difficulties (lack of confidence in their abilities, learning affected by anxiety, management of anxieties linked to learning disabilities)
- emotional preparation prior to passing exams, entrance exams, the colleagues' certificate or the baccalaureate
- work on self-esteem and the penalizing manifestations of a lack of self-confidence
- managing emotions

Support for teens:
- managing emotions
- support in questions, doubts and fears that emerge during this period
- stress management
- work on self-esteem

Women's accompaniments:
- family / professional stress management
- introspective work
- new expatriate support
- work on the body image
- managing emotions
- work on self-esteem

The various tools in which I am trained allow me to adapt to each of my clients, to each of our sessions and to offer them unique and totally personalized support. My approach is meant to be empathetic, respectful and benevolent in order to create the environment most conducive to the development and development of each of the people who approach me.


EFT/NLP Therapy Fees

What is EFT?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a psycho-body therapy within the scope of energy psychology.
This practice consists of tapping, with your fingertips, on various points of the primary vascular system which are located on the face, trunk and hands while focusing on a problem that you want to solve or by verbalizing your thoughts. and feelings that can affect your experience and impact the quality of your daily life.
Tapping induces a semi-meditative state and facilitates access to our thoughts, beliefs and emotions and thus promotes introspective work, enhancement or evolution of our emotional reality.

Recognizing, identifying and deciding how to welcome your emotions allows you to see their influence on your life, whether it is personal difficulties, persistent pain or illness.

Scope of EFT:
Assertiveness disorders: lack of self-esteem, difficulty speaking in public, social withdrawal, relationship problems
Management of stress, anxiety, panic states
Release and transform painful, uncomfortable or disturbing emotions
Disabling phobias and fears
Soothing the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, emotional trauma
Difficulties, resistance to change
Compulsions and addictions
Eating disorders, management of cravings
Weight management
Somatic and chronic pain
Sleep disturbances, Insomnia
Support for children: learning difficulties, confidence in their abilities, school fears and phobias, night terrors
Increase in performance (artistic, professional, sports, etc.) and productivity
Preparation for school exams, entrance test to various schools and universities, job interviews, professional evaluations, sports competitions

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