Francine Joyce

Françine Joyce
Nutrition Consultant

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Registered dietitian in Paris (BTS- CAPES- DEA)

Specialized in eating disorders

Mutualiste Clinic, Grenoble
Cromwell Hospital in London
Dispensaire Français
French Clinic – London
Thonon les Bains Lake
Geneva Clinic
Association Prader Willi UK
Danone UK
National Karate Federation

On the French Embassy’s list of consultants

Consultations are open to those who:

  • Suffer from anorexia, bulimia, emotional eating…
  • Need a personalised plan to lose weight
  • Want to avoid severe restrictive diets
  • Have food intolerances, stomach pain, bloating
  • Wish to reduce their cholesterol
  • Have a stress-free pregnancy
  • Want to be healthy, performant and enjoy the pleasure of food

To regain form, health and food benchmarks.
Lose weight permanently and stabilize its weight.
Change your eating habits without upsetting them
Stress-free pregnancy and diversification of baby's diet 

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Nutrition Consultancy Fees

First Consultation (60min): £150

Follow-up Consultation (30min): £80

Monitoring between sessions: Free