Corinne Fedevieille

Corinne Fédevieille
Osteopath / Massage Therapist


Corinne came to London in the 1980’s to work in advertising. During that time
she undertook a course in Massage Therapy at the London College of Massage
and obtained her Professional Massage Diploma in 1995.

There she discovered Craniosacral Therapy and decided to pursue her long held ambition to work in
the field of Complementary Healthcare, giving up her career in publishing to
train as an Osteopath. Her massage techniques have greatly evolved over the
years and she incorporates various techniques gained from her osteopathic
training such as fascia manipulation and sacro-cranial therapy in her treatment.
She practices as an Osteopath and Massage Therapist in Covent Garden and
South Kensington.

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