Allergology relates to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of any kind of allergy or related condition. An allergy is an immune condition which is triggered by a hypersensitivity to certain substances.

The main causes of allergic reactions include:

allergens present in the air, such as pollen, animal hair, dust mites and mould
some foods, such as eggs, milk, fish, seafood, nuts, peanuts, wheat and soya
insect bites such as bee or wasp stings
certain medications
substances which irritate the skin, such as nickel and latex.

Yes, if the Allergologist thinks it is necessary, he will be able to perform an a skin or a blood test during the consultation. Please note an skin test or blood test fee will be added to the total of your consultation

What are the fees of an Allergology Consultation?

The fees for an Allergology Consultation are as follows:

- Consultation: £130
- Consultation + Allergy Skin test: £220


- Immunotherapy: £45
- Phlebotomy fee: £48 + tests

A prepayment of £70 will be asked at the moment you book the appointment, the remaining will need to be settled on the day of your consultation


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