When would you see a child psychiatrist?

The child psychiatrist is a psychiatrist for children and adolescents, that is to say a medical doctor who specialises in disorders of the psychic system in patients under 18 years of age.

He/She can :

Make a diagnosis and put into words a psychological problem (which, moreover, in children, readily takes on a somatic aspect): Attention deficit disorder, depression, eating disorders, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety disorders , reaction disorders…
Prescribe medication in the (relatively rare) cases where it is necessary and organise medical and psychological follow-up.
Offer individual or even family therapeutic follow-up: in fact, the child living within his family and being more dependent on it, the intricacies between family and individual problems are more important than in adult psychiatry.
At the parents' request, make the link with the school to help the child feel better understood in his school environment.
Propose certain therapeutic tools to help the child or adolescent to mobilise their resources in order to become an actor of their own change towards well-being (hypnotherapy, support therapy, solution-oriented therapy, etc.).

What are the fees for a Child Psychiatry Consultation?

The fees for a Child Psychiatry Consultation are as follows:

- First Consultation: £230
- Follow-up Consultation:  £200
- ADHD / ADD Assessment: £950

A prepayment of £70 will be asked at the moment you book the appointment, the remaining will need to be settled on the day of your consultation

All consultations not attended or not cancelled 48h before will be fully charged


Dr Vohwinkel

Dr. Denise Vohwinkel - Child Psychiatrist

GMC: 7499796

Speaks French, German & English

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Doctor of Medicine Diploma, University of Nice, 1996
Specialty Diploma in Psychiatry, University of Nice, 1996
Complementary Post Graduate Diploma in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Nice, 1997.
Former Hospital Intern in Nice
Former Hospital Practitioner from 1999 to 2015.
Training as a family therapist, Center of studies for family, Paris, 1999.
Training as a hypnotherapist, Association Française d'Hypnose, Pierre Lelong, Lille, 2012.

Doctor since 1996

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