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Dr. Anne-Aurélie Casteret

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The Psychiatry Consultation aims to conduct an initial medical assessment to determine what your requests are and to determine the appropriate care proposals.

This does not necessarily lead to psychiatric medical follow-up or pharmacological treatment, but can lead you to be referred to different professionals (psychologists, neuropsychologists, addictologists, psychomotor therapists, dieticians ...). The psychiatric consultation is also part of an overall management of your health and well-being. It can be done frequently in conjunction with the general practitioner or other specialist colleagues.

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Advice for Covid-19

Stress is frequent in a context of uncertainty caused by an epidemic. The imposed confinement is an additional challenge in maintaining psychic harmony for everyone.
Stress is frequent in a context of uncertainty caused by an epidemic. The imposed confinement is an additional challenge in maintaining psychic harmony for everyone.
According to the French Association of Biological Psychiatry, the most frequent distress reactions are insomnia, anxiety, perception of insecurity, anger, the search for scapegoats and the increased use of care. In addition, this context can increase behavioral risk responses such as increased consumption of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, relational isolation, increased family conflicts, work-life imbalance.

You can identify your stress reactions and risk behaviors to increase them in order to develop strategies to reduce anxiety.

Organize a routine

With periods of work and intellectual stimulation, but also periods for hobbies and manual activities. Body relaxation times can also be arranged.

Remember to plan for each of the times of intimacy, isolated quiet rest during the day and collective times.

Define a simple project that you can develop during these coming months which will reinforce your positive representations because this period is transitory (journey to be developed by exploration on the internet, festive event to prepare which also allows to exchange, to be creative, to initiate MOOC's distance learning,…).

2-Reduce your exposure to media and information related to the epidemic

To stay informed of the measures to be followed and the precautions to be taken, use the reliable information sites (Regional health agencies in France, French Consulate in London, NHS, etc.)

If you nevertheless choose to read the newspapers or news sites, select the articles referring to the testimonies of healed people, to new initiatives in this context, to advances in terms of knowledge or treatments related to the virus.

3-Stay alert to your sleep-wake rhythm

Regular and light physical exercise is preferable. Exercises for people with reduced mobility are available here

Maintain a regular diet around the three daily meals. about-food-and-mood

Be careful to maintain quality sleep by maintaining your bedtime and waking habits.

Avoid the use of alcohol as an anti-stress support which can affect the quality of sleep, increase anxiety rebounds and obviously promote the development of addiction.

4-Communicate with your friends, colleagues and family on a regular basis

This can possibly be included in your routine with planning for people and groups of people to contact.
If you are isolated, you can join online communities, offer help to people in your neighborhood.

Useful links: to-cope-if-you-re-feeling-anxious-about-the-outbreak/ cardiovascular/jacobsons-progressive-relaxation-technique.pdf

If you are worried, speak first with those around you and then call on the professionals if you feel the need.

Call a specialist if you have:

severe emotional distress

a recurrence or worsening of a pre-existing psychological disorder

regular use of substances to manage negative emotions

a psychiatric pathology at risk of decompensating